This site wount be updated every possible day/week/month. It's just a fan-page of
a site that I once had "Kitana's Castle" 2002. Most of all, here is my fan-art and
fan-fics about MK world. Mostly about Kitana.
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Kitana's bio

Kitana is daughter of Edenia's King Jerrod and Queen Sindel. Taken as
Shao Kahn's own when he conquered the realm, Kitana spent much of
her life loyally serving him until she discovered the truth about her past
and vowed to overthrow him.
When Shao Kahn (brother of Tunder God Rayden) sees that Kitana will
never be loyal to him, he creates her clone Mileena. That looks exactly
like princess but is evil.
Kitana usually wears blue clothes (black in movie). Her weapons are fans.
They cut like knifes.
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